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Dennis Janke

 Born - April 13, 1950
 Nationality -  American
 Areas -  Writer, Penciler, Inker, Cover Artist
 Notable Works -  Phantom, Captain America, Superman, Steel
 Steel Issues / John Henry Irons Notable Works -  Superman MOS #22-28 Cover & Internal Inks, Steel #1-10, 12, 17, 18, 32, 33 Cover Inks

Dennis Janke is an American born comic book Writer, Penciler, Inker and Cover Artist. Dennis was born on April 13, 1950. He earned his BFA or Bachelor of Fine Arts at the Cleveland Institute of Art.

 His first published drawing was released in 1974 in the comics magazine "House of Mystery" but his career wasn’t launched until 1984 when he worked for Marvel on “Captain America”.

For DC Comics, he inked the 1988 mini-series “The Phantom” in four issues pencilled by Joe Orlando and written by Peter David, before working for 10 years on “Superman” in comic books such as “Action Comics”, “Adventures of Superman” and Superman : The Man of Steel. During that time he also worked on Steel. He went back to Marvel in 1999, inking “The Avengers”, as well as to DC in the series of “Batman : The Doom that came to Gotham”, published in 2000, before becoming the inker artist of “The Spectre” in 2001 and of “Aquaman” in 2003. Since then, his activities in comics seems to become rarer.

Although best known for his inking in comics he has co-wrote many stories as well as penciled many books as well. The list of comics that he co-wrote include the Action Comics Annual #6 backup story “Doomsday for the Fifth Dimension” with Louise Simonson as well as did the pencils and Inks. He also co-wrote and Inked Advent of Supes #484 with Jerry Ordway, he co-wrote and Inked Action Comics #671 with Roger Stern as well as co-writing and Inked Supes MOS #6.

The list of comics Dennis has penciled includThe Legacy of Superman#1 story Gangbuster of Suicide Slum, the pencils and inks for Doomsday Annual#1, Cover as well as Internal Pencils and Inker for Advent of Supes#496.

Lastly Dennis has co- created some memorable comic characters during his time in the comic book industry. The best known of these characters are Bertron (Genetisist who created Doomsday)who he co-created with Jerry Ordway and Mr Z best known from the Superman story Time and Time Again who he also co-created with Jerry Ordway.