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Chris Batista

 Born -


 Nationality -


 Notable Works -

 Steel, Thunderbolts, The Legion

 Steel Issues / John Henry Irons Notable Works -

 Steel #1-3, 5-8, 0, 11-13, 15-16. 52 (The year long weekly series) #40

Chris Batista is an American comic book artist and colorist, known for his work on a number of titles for Marvel Comics and DC Comics, including SteelSpaceknights and Thunderbolts.


Career -

Batista was born in 1970 and has been drawing for as long as he can remember. An alumnus of Manhattan's School of Visual Arts, Chris studied under Klaus Janson, who helped obtain for him his first professional work which was an 8 page X-Factor story for Marvel.

Chris’ first ongoing series work was on Steel which he worked on from December 1993 to June 1995. He has confessed to being scared at the prospect of working on an ongoing series as he had never done it before. He also felt that he was very raw as an artist which in my opinion I believe he wasn’t. Other projects Chris has worked on are Spider-Man 2099 in 1994, Spaceknights from 2000 to 2001, Thunderbolts from 2002 to 2003 and The Legion from 2003 to 2004 which Chris has confessed to being his favourite work.

Then in 2005 Chris signed an exclusive agreement with DC Comics.

"DC has felt like home for the last few years, and now I can say it truly is," said Chris. "From the Legion to the JLA, I've been allowed to play with some of the best toys in comics. With the energy and excitement that is coming from DC I can with all sincerity say my best is yet to come!"

"Chris has been a star in the making for a few years now, and has been one of the most exciting young talents I've had the pleasure of working with," says Editor Steve Wacker. "I'm absolutely thrilled that we had a chance to make some long terms plans with him, and once readers see what he has in the pipeline, they're going to be glad we locked him up."

Chris’ work with DC after signing included JLA in 2005 and he also provided art for several issues of DC’s weekly year long comic book series 52 (2006–2007).

He also penciled an arc of DC's Robin with Chuck Dixon.


A listing at dccomic.com also credits Chris for coloring several comic books. These books include Booster Gold #13 -14 and #38 – 43, Legion : Secret Origin #3 – 6 and Superman Confidential #8 – 10.

Character Creations

  • Jemahl Irons [with Jon Bogdanove]

  • Alvin Bundy (Doc Bundy/Amalgam) [with Louise Simonson and Jon Bogdanove]

  • B’aad[with Louise Simonson]

  • Manuel Cabral (Hazard)  [with Louise Simonson]

  • Miles Duncan (Double) [with Louise Simonson]

  • David Davies (Australian character from the Sea Devils) [with John Ostrander]