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Webmaster - Matt Apps

 This page is where you can learn a little bit about me and perhaps why I set up this fan website.
    In the last year of high school at the age of 18 I had yet to pick up a comic book but all that was about to change. When I found out that not only had Superman died but that he had been replaced by four superheroes I had to look into what was going on. The first comic I ever bought was Superman: The Man of Steel #23. In this comic The Man of Steel (not yet simple Steel) and Superboy met for the first time. The next comic I bought was Superman #80. In this comic The Last Son of Krypton and the Cyborg Superman met and the Cyborg showed his true colours. He firstly attacks The Last Son and then blows up Coast City. Simple put, I was hooked. I eagerly awaited each weekly installment  and was happy to see at the end of the storyline that John Henry Irons, now Steel, would get his ongoing title. 
     By this time I was attending bible college and was unable to get to a comic shop regularly but when I could I would always look for the latest issues of Steel that I didn't have. What I loved most about Steel was that even though he was only human he had the soul of Superman. He believed in Truth and Justice just like Superman and he made up for not having superpowers by being a brilliant inventor, creating many useful gadgets the most note able being his flying suit of armour. He had many great adventures not the least of which included Worlds Collide, Zero Hour and The Trial of Superman just to name a few. He even joined the Justice League of America but it seems that all good things must come to an end because in 1998 Steel's title came to an end when it was cancelled at issue #52.
    Still, that wasn't the end of Steel's adventures. He continued to play a role in the JLA book and after a few years he ever returned to Superman: The Man of Steel comic where he designed non-lethal weapons for the SCU. He also helped Superman recreate his Fortress of Solitude and even became Superman crime fighting partner. The years that followed Steel wasn't used as much as I would like but I was happy to read every new story that did come out. I was also happy to see Steel turn up in the Superman: The Animated Series and Justice League Unlimited cartoons and even though they changed Steel a little to much I still enjoyed the Steel Movie for the things they got right.
    In 2007 I went to Metropolis Illinois for the Superman Celebration for the first time. There I got to meet Jon Bogdanove and got him to sign several comics including Superman: The Man of Steel#22 and Steel #1. I also got a personalised headshot drawing done by Jon. In 2008 I returned to Metropolis for the Celebration and took part in the successful Guinness World Record, the most people dressed as Superman. And lastly this year I went to, for the first time, the San Diego Comic Con International. There I not only got to see Jon Bogdanove again but also got to meet Steel artist Chris Batista and Co-Creator of Steel, Louise Simonson. This time I got even more comics signed including Steel #1 by Louise, Jon and Chris and that very first comic I ever bought Superman: The Man of Steel #23 signed by Louise, Jon and Mike Carlin, Superman editor at the time.
    To finish off, I've had many years (over 20 to be exact) of enjoyment of Steel and just wanted to share that with the public at large. I've also enjoyed what DC has done with John Henry Irons in the New 52 reboot including his new debut and the part he played in the Rotworld story. I'm now looking forward to more Steel stories and maybe even a new ongoing Steel series.
Steel and I at the Superman Celebration in Metropolis Illinois in 2007.
"Steel aka John Henry Irons" and Co-Creator Jon Bogdanove at the Superman Celebration in Metropolis Illinois in 2007.
 Louise Simonson, Jon Bogdanove and I at San Diego Comic Con in 2013.
 Jon Bogdanove's San Diego Comic Con Inkpot Award for Achievement in Comic Arts in 2013.
 Chris Batista and I at San Diego Comic Con in 2013
Michael Dorn (voice of Steel from Superman: The Animated Series & Worf from Star Trek: The Next Generation) and I at San Diego Comic Con in 2013