Dawn of Justice

Some of the comic references include parademons as well as there being a huge Omega symbol engraved into the ground in a possible future. There's also the actor Joe Morton playing the role of Silas Stone, father of Victor Stone, who uses a Mother Box to save the life of his son. This of course turns Victor into Cyborg. They even put the engagement ring from the 90's comics into the movie looking just like it did from the comics.

The biggest surprise for me though was that Superman dies near the end of the movie. This happens when he uses Batman's Kryptonite spear to destroy Doomsday. Though not exactly the way they did it in the famous comic Superman #75, it has made me excited for the next Superman movie. With Superman dead, could The Reign of the Supermen (including Steel) be the subject of the next movie? I for one am hoping so. 

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